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About Us

Maggie Forsaty is the Co-Founder and responsible for design, fabric selection, and quality control. She has more than 15 years of experience in fashion and clothing design. Her experience includes working with famous clothing designer Heidari for more than 10 years. However, she has no interest or experience in IT or Technology. That’s why she asked her husband to manage a group of technologists highly experienced in e-commerce to help her out. Together, they launched huluNY in 2015.

What does “huluNY” name come from and who picked that name? “hulu” in few languages reference the fruit “peach, firm and beautiful”. Some of the design and production work was originated and still is continuing in New York city. The famous NY clothing designer and our good friend “Haidari” suggested merging hulu and NY. “huluNY” name was created while we all were feasting an “all you can eat crab and crab legs.” Heidari picked the name and the tab. Thanks Haidari!!