How Do I Measure My Bra Size?

Most women agree that it's harder to find the right size in a bra than in any other clothing item. Research shows as many as 90% of women wear the wrong size bra. Plus size bras are no different. In fact, it may be even more frustrating to find the perfect fitting plus size bra.

There's no fail-proof bra size calculator but finding your right size does start with taking your measurements. It only takes a few minutes. There’s always going to be some trial and error involved, but our guide to how to measure bra size should provide you with a comfortable fit.

1 - Band Size: Pull the tape measure around your chest, just below your underarms. You want the tape measure to be firm against your body, but not squeezing you. This measurement is your band size. If you get an odd number, round up.

2 - Bust Measurement: Now measure loosely around the fullest part of your bustline.

3 - Cup Size: Your band measurement subtracted from your bust measurement will give you your cup size. Just find the right number on this bra size chart. 1"= A; 2"= B; 3"= C; 4"= D; 5"= DD; 6"= DDD & F; 7"= G; 8"= H; 9"= I; 10"= J; 11"= K Example:Let’s say you measure your bust at 50 inches and your band size is46inches. 51-46=4, so using the chart below, you are a D cup. You will want to shop forsize 46Dbras.

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Type of Breast Shape and Perfect Sizes for Them

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Bra Fit Problems and how to Fix the issues

Women all over the world share one common complaint: the quest for thatperfect-fit bra will never end.

huluNY (Custom Fit Bra, click here ) is here to help with three easy steps on how to properly measure bra size, plus helpful solutions to today’s most common fit problems.

Solution to Common Fit Problems

Bra Rides Up in Back

The band size is too large. Try loosening the straps.

Central Bra Panel Won’t Stay Flat

Go up a cup size for more comfort.

Correct Size but Overflow Near Underarm:

Try a different bra style.

Gapping Cups
Hook the band on a tighter setting or try a smaller cup size.

Find a bra with more support. Avoid molded-cup bras.

Shoulder Straps Dig into Your Shoulders
If loosening the straps doesn’t solve the problem, try a larger cup size or smaller band measurement.

Shoulder Straps Constantly Slip Off
If tightening the strap doesn’t work, try a smaller band size to bring the straps closer together or try a different bra style such as a racerback.

Several Bra Sizes Fit You
There are two basic reasons for this. First one is that you own bras by different and international designers. Second reason is that your size is fluctuating during your cycle. In this case measure your sizes at both times of the month and buy two sizes.

Skin Irritation Beneath the Bustline
Increase the cup size.

Underwire Rubs You the Wrong Way
Go up a cup size.

Underwire is Digging the Armpit
This often happens to petite women. Consider a demi-cup bra, which has shorter underwires and less cup coverage.

Underwire Stands Away from the Body
Try a larger cup size and smaller band size.