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huluNY shorts for Good:-
huluNY shorts works as a perfect pair for your shirts , the minimal detailing gives you classy look. We
believe in delivering #PCM which stands for #preppy #classic and #minimalist to all our customers who
have put their faith in us, we believe in “less is more”.

huluNY is committed to making a positive impact on the people who wear our clothes, our industry, and
our planet, beginning with our best quality cotton and linen fabrics. #huluNYCotton is made with extra-
long staple fibre, which is recognized as one of the softest and most durable cottons in the world.
#huluNY linen fabric is very durable, resistant, long-lasting, and strong, it is highly absorbent and
moisture-wicking and the weave is denser which gives a softer feel.

 Product Details :-
 huluNY shorts in premium garment-dyed fabric
 Elasticized waistband
 Regular rise; flat front
 Side slip pockets
 Knee length
 Pull-on style
 Classic fit
 Composition(excluding trims):-
 Cotton
 Unlined
 Washing Instructions:-
 Imported
 Machine wash
Model is 6'1"/185cm.


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